Day 1 – Made it to Costa Rica!

Thankfully our flight to San Jose was direct (only 5hours!), unfortunately it got delayed after we were already on the plane so we ended up sitting on the plane for 6 hours. Then once we arrived at the San Jose airport there were no available places to dock the plane. They ended up attaching stairs for us to get off the plane and a bus took us to the airport terminal. On the plus side, we were able to get our first taste of the warm weather! Our next great adventure was getting a rental car, which took over an hour even though we had pre-reserved a car. By the time we had finally got on the road it was almost dark! Thankfully I just loveeeeeee driving on super curvy roads, in the mountains, in the pitch black while local drivers zip around the corners and my mom nervously yells “oh my gosh!” around every turn. I am happy to say at least the roads were well paved! We finally ended up in La Fortuna after a short 3.5 hours of almost dying and checked into our cute little hotel (Hotel Monte Real).

Random frog right outside our hotel room

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