Day 4 – Traveling to Monteverde

Today we made our way to Monteverde, famous for its one of a kind cloud forests. We heard about how bad the roads to get to Monteverde were but we were able to find a route that didn’t involve dirt roads until the last 40 minutes. Even then the roads weren’t too bad and I’ve improved my pot hole dogging skills significantly.

Once in Monteverde we settle into our cool little cabin we would be staying in at Arco Iris Lodge. The grounds are within the main part of town, but still makes you feel somewhat secluded from all the tourists.
Our cabin
For lunch/dinner we headed to the Tree House Restaurant for a unique dining experience. The restaurant was built around a tree! Very cool atmosphere and the food wasn’t too bad either!
Mom and I at the restaurant
After we explored the rest of the town (literally only 2 blocks), we headed back to our cabin and spent the rest of the night planning for tomorrow and relaxing!

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