Day 5 – Zip-lining and Cloud Forests

Our first adventure for today was zip-lining above the trees! We booked a tour that had a total of 8 zip lines and a fun bungee jump type thing at the end. The views above the forest were amazing and the zip line was an exciting new adventure.

The view above the forest
Mom on one of the zip lines
The bungee jump at the end. You had to jump off backwards!
After our zip line tour we drove another couple kilometers down the dirt road to Santa Elena Cloud Forest. The cloud forest is a high-elevation forest characterized by persistent, canopy-level cloud cover. The clouds provide an endless supply of moisture that supports the wide array of plants that you can see there. This ecosystem is relatively unique to the Monteverde area. Mom and I did a 1.5 hour hike around Santa Elena and took in all of the green!
Me in Santa Elena Cloud Forest
Our last activity of the day was a night hike through the Monteverde Biological Reserve, which is one of the other cloud forests in the area. Our guide gave us all flashlights and we walked through the forest looking for any insect or creature we could find. Since it was raining I wasn’t sure how much we would be able to see, but the other people in our group were really good at spotting things! We ended up seeing two walking stick insects, two frogs, a caterpillar, a slug (the one tiny thing I found!), and an owl. We also went to a special area and saw a ton of bats! I was able to get a few decent pictures although most are a little blurry.
Walking stick insects
One of the frogs
The bats!

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