Day 4 – Aguas Calientes 

Started off the morning with an early train ride to take us to Aguas Calientes (the town below Machu Picchu). The train was super comfortable and they even gave us a drink and a snack like on an airplane. 

Angelina did not like my train selfie at 7am

Once we arrived in Aguas Calientes we decided to try to hike up Putucusi, a hike highly recommended by my brother. We were pre-warned that it was difficult to find the trail. All I knew was if you followed the railroad tracks you would find it. The guy at our hostel confirmed it was off of the tracks and said a few more directions that I couldn’t understand. He also tried to convince us not to go as it is ‘very dangerous’. But we figured we’d at least try. Unfortunately, just following the railroad tracks was not as easy as we thought it would be. We ended up walking the wrong way down the railroad tracks for over an hour LOL. Finally one of the people I asked actually knew what we were trying to find (even though he didn’t speak english) and helped us find the trailhead! Sadly, after hiking for about 15 minutes we got to the spot where the ladder was supposed to be and found….. not a ladder. There was a metal rope that you could use to climb up about 40 feet before reaching the ladder. After a few minutes of deliberation I decided I would 100% freak out after the first 20 feet and likely die sooooo we decided to go back down. Was a bit disappointing.

Angelina ‘climbing’ where the ladder should’ve been.

When we got back to our hostel (pretty exhausted from all of our walking) the guy from the hostel recommended we go check out the waterfalls and said it was pretty easy to get to. We ended up hiking up that trail and can say we successfully completed one hike today!

At the waterfall!

On our way back from the trail there was this ADORABLE puppy that seemed to be stuck in a certain section of the trail so I picked him up and carried him to an area that would be easy for him to navigate. We ran into him again at his home which was about midway on the trail.

My new bestie 

Although today didn’t go exactly as planned we still got to take in some amazing views.

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