Day 6 -Rainbow Mountain 

Our morning started off with a bright and early 2:15am pickup. Since we didn’t get in to Cusco the night before until 10pm we were running on only a few hours of sleep. The bus ride to our drop-off spot was a nice 3hours long. About 2.5 hours into the ride the bus stopped working. They tried to turn it back on but got nothing. Thankfully, a mini van happened to drive by about 10 minutes later and only had 2 people in it so they were able to squeeze our group in! When we got to our drop-off stop we got a breakfast in a cute little hut before starting our journey.

The hut we ate breakfast in

There were also A TON of Llamas/Alpacas around where we ate breakfast. They really are some of the funniest animals out there.

After breakfast we started our 3 hour hike to Rainbow Mountain. While hiking only about 9 miles round-trip doesn’t sound too bad, when the altitude ranges from 14,000ft to 17,000ft above sea level you definitely feel out of shape. There’s about 30-40% less air at that level than at sea level. Our guide had oxygen just in case anyone needed it (thankfully no one did) and encouraged us to stop whenever necessary. The trek definitely took a lot out of me, but I made it to the top! 

Basically an amazing place.

Our hike back to our drop-off was so much more relaxing and easier. We were able to actually talk to the people on the hike with us instead of having to focus on breathing! We had a delicious lunch waiting for us once we got back to our little hut.On our 3 hour car ride back to Cusco we decided to all get dinner together (after showering and napping of course). The group was really fun to hang out with- mostly Americans and one French man. Overall, it was a really long and tiring but fun day!

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