Day 7 – Fancy food

Slept in as late as possible today before we had to check out of our hostel in Cusco. We got a quick and delicious breakfast in Cusco before heading back to Lima. Once we got to Lima we went for a walk along the ocean. There is a lot of smog + overcast so it isn’t the prettiest of cities but was still nice to see. On our walk back there was the CUTEST corgi playing catch and the owner saw me staring and let me throw the frisbie for the cutie 😀. Great day.

Along the beach in Lima

Angelina planned a super fancy gastronomic dinner for us (fanciest dinner I’ve ever had). Overall, the food was amazing and I really enjoyed spending way too much on food.

The menu of everything we ate (I ate everything!!)

Here are some pictures of the various foods we tried.

First dish- the Oca

Second dish- Ayacucuchans Potatoes

Vegetable Marrow

Scallops on a Stone

Potbelly and Kimchie  (my favorite) 

The final dessert!

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