Day 8 – Huacachina

Started our day with a pickup time of 6:30am, which compared to our last few pickup times we were pretty excited about how much we got to sleep in. We took a bus called PeruHop. The bus stops in a few different locations and you can make your schedule however you want! Since we don’t have alot of time left, we decided to do a day tour to Huacachina. Huacachina is a desert oasis about 5 hours from Lima and we scheduled a dune buggy/sand boarding tour there. The nice part of PeruHop is that it makes some stops along the way to Huacachina to give you some history about the country. Our first stop was at one of the highest points in Lima where there is a memorial for the unknown soldiers. Our guide explained the war Peru and Chile fought back in the day. It was cool to learn a bit more about Peru’s history! 

Highest point in Lima

Our second stop was at this local place to get breakfast. They basically sold anything you wanted wrapped in bread and it was delicious. I got plain cheese wrapped in bread and sausage with cheese wrapped in bread.

A few hours later, we stopped again to see the slave mines. The manor was a really fancy resort, however, no one was there because Peruvian families don’t like staying places where thousands of people died underneath where you’re sleeping.

Temple outside the manor

We finally arrived in Huacachina around 3:45pm, got a quick snack, and hit up our sandboarding tour!

The buggy we rode in with our crazy, but fun driver

The desert surrounding Huacachina 

Angelina going down the first hill

Successfully sandboarding after a few failed attempts!

At the end of the tour, our guide took us to a dune he called the dune of death. It was super steep but was a blast to go down! We all definitely ended the day covered in sand.

Sunset at the end of our tour

Our crazy driver took us on a super fun ride back to our starting location. One girl hated it and was begging him to slow down, but considering he didn’t really speak English he did not slow down at all. Everyone else was having a fun time though. Overall, the tour was a really awesome and I highly recommend taking the time to go if you’re in Peru!

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