Day 1 – Banff

We got in late Friday night to Calgary. I found out I left my credit card at a restaurant at O’hare so it was a really great start to the week! Our airbnb ended up being awesome though, so can’t complain too much.

Today we picked up Clare from the airport and headed to Banff! On our way we stopped at Yamnuska Wolfdog sanctuary to hang out with some cute wolfdogs. We did a tour and learned all about how to tell if a dog is actually a wolfdog or not. Turns out they’re not such great pets, but they sure are cute!

After hanging out with some wolfdogs we drove the rest of the way to Banff and settled into our airbnb.

Our airbnb in Banff

We had a nice dinner at Park Distillery.

Then to end our night, we did a quick hike on Tunnel Mountain Trail to see the sunset. We got some great views of the town of Banff and all the mountains surrounding it.

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