Day 2 – Lake Louise 

We started our day with a drive over to Lake Louise, probably the most famous lake by Banff. Sadly there was a lot of snow this year so a big portion of the lake was still covered in snow so it wasn’t a green as I would’ve hoped. Still very pretty though.

Lake Louise

We were hoping to do a few hikes around Lake Louise to these Teahouses they have. Unfortunately, the snow got in the way again. There had been a pretty big avalanche on the trail we wanted to take. We tried to follow some random French people but eventually footmarks disappeared and we really had no idea where to go so we turned back around. 

Our snow/fallen tree covered trail

As it got closer to the afternoon a little more of the snow on the lake melted and we got to see the pretty colors of the water.

Before we left, I made Clare go into the lake with me. We only went about knee deep bit it was freezing! Clare stumbled a bit so her pants ended up being very wet.

After our jump in the lake, we decided to head over to Lake Moraine, which is pretty close to Lake Louise. This was covered in even MORE snow. The views of the mountains was very pretty though.

Basically all the snow on the ground in this picture is supposed to be the lake

We didn’t even attempt to find the hikes here cause we knew the snow would be even worse on them. Instead there was a random pile of rocks that we climed up for fun to get a little better picture of the lake.

After Lake Moraine we headed back to Banff to get some dinner. Then we decided to go to the hot springs, which really ended up being a giant swimming pool that was the temperature of a hot tub. We spent a decent amount of time there people watching before calling it a night.

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