Day 4 – Hong Kong

Started the day off with an early morning- getting up at 5am to get to the airport…. until the guy at our hostel told us the train doesn’t operate until 5:45am. So we walked towards the train and found a random convience store and bought some breakfast/snacks. We got to the train right when they unlocked the gate so it was pretty good timing!

Once we were at the airport, something devasting happened…. they took my shampoo! I’ve used the same travel shampoo bottles FOREVER and no one has ever said they were too big. But apparently China has the strictest security in the world. Oh well. I ended up buying some new stuff at a 7/11 later in the day for like $5. Really was just annoyed at all the expensive shampoo/conditioner that went to waste.

The plane ride was interesting because they wouldn’t let me read my ebook on my iPad during takeoff or landing. That’s like a full hour of doing nothing! Why does China have such strict airplane laws??? We were served a meal though, which was a nice surprise.

Once we landed in Hong Kong we were greeted by the nicest lady! She gave us a map, explained how to get to all the places we were looking to go and pointed out some of the main attractions.

Our first stop in Hong Kong was at the Big Buddha. Since it was very close to the airport we decided to just go straight there and take our bags with us. 

We took the cable car instead of walking (the hike looked soooooooo long). There was a monk that sat next to us so I obviously took a selfie to get a picture of him.

The overall views from the cable car were awesome.

Once we got up to the top, it was a short walk to the Big Buddha… and by short I mean it was uphill the whole time and then the Big Buddha itself was up like 50 stairs and it was SO HUMID so I was dripping sweat the entire time. The Big Buddha was pretty cool though.

Looking like a dweeb with my backpack all strapped on.

We ran into some random cows during our walk that everyone was taking pictures with (see Jack taking a selfie).

There was also a monastery up there, which we quickly looked at. 

After the Big Buddha we headed to our hostel via the train. The train was basically the exact same as Beijing and super easy to figure out. 

Once we had settled into our room, we decided to take a ferry to the other side of Hong Kong and go up to Victoria’s peak. Turns out we got on the wrong ferry so we ended up having to walk 30minutes to where the tram was (dripping sweat the entire time cause of the humidity). I never knew how hilly Hong Kong was… and also how confusing the streets are to navigate. Considering how new this city is, you’d think they would’ve built the city in more of a grid.

By the time we got to the tram the line was superrrrr long. But since it was so damn humid, we didn’t really want to walk up so we waited. Jack got super annoyed with all the people pushing their way in and being rude. It probably took about 40min before we were actually on the tram up the mountain. 

We also got tickets to the 360 viewing point, which ended up sucking cause there were SO MANY PEOPLE. The only positive about everything taking so long is that it got dark while we were up there so we got to see the skyline at night, which was pretty cool. There was a sweet building which had the time lit up on it and had like LED lights that lit up random designs on the building… It’s hard to explain, but it was cool!

We ended up getting dinner up on the peak at this wonton resturaunt, which was delicious! 

Of course, by the time we finished eating there was a wait to get back down the peak on the tram, so we waited another 25min before we were finally back down on the ground.

Once we finally finished our peak excursion. We decided to try to find the longest escalator in the world….. We ended up on one…. not sure if it was the right one or not though lol

We also tried going to Hollywood Street, which was recommended by the lady at the airport. But once we got there it didn’t seem like much was going on so we decided to head back to the other side of Hong Kong.

Jack really wanted to go to the tallest bar in the world, so we went back to our hostel and changed into fancier clothes (they have a dress code) and walked over to the building. Of course the route was confusing af and it probably took us around 40min to get there… all while it was still SO HUMID.

The bar itself was super cool and fancy. We ended up being able to get a seat outside pretty quickly. The views were awesome!

Inside the bar

From the outside area

After the bar, we headed to the Avenue of stars (via train this time to avoid all the humidity of walking). Turns out the Avenue was closed cause of construction. So we just walked back to our hostel and called it a night.

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