Day 5 – Macau/Vegas… Wait What?

Started off this morning the morning at 8am to hop on a ferry to Macau. On our way to the ferry we stopped at a Chinese bakery… SO GOOD. I had one biscuit that was filled with chocolate yum yum yum.

Once we got to the ferry terminal we easily got some tickets and hopped on the ferry to Macau. To be honest I’m still trying to figure out what Macau is… I think it’s like Hong Kong where it’s part of China but not really. I don’t know how that works. But we had to go through immigration and Macau has its own money so I’m just going to say it’s its own country! 

After we arrived at Macau, we jumped on a bus to take us to the Historic Center of Macau. The first thing we saw once we got out were a bunch of casinos…. the Grand Lisbon particularly stuck out because of how awesome the building looked so we went in! 

I took a picture of the inside and then got yelled at… My bad

After the Casino, we decided to see some of the actual historic sites, since, you know, we were in the Historic center. Our first stop was to the ruins of St. Paul’s. It was basically just the front of an old church… the rest was completely destroyed. Not entirely sure if the front was just a remake of what it used to look like or not. Either way still very pretty!

Then we had a quick walk to the Monte Fort. Now when I saw quick walk I mean it’s 90 degrees with 100% humidity and I’m dying every second I’m outside. I finally understand why people carry umbrellas around when it’s not raining. The shade really makes a HUGE difference. Anyways, the fort. It was pretty fort like… Some walls… Some canons… and yeah that’s it.

Next stop was a couple random old churches. Nothing spectacular to note there. After too much walking in the blazing heat, we decided to get lunch. Jack quickly googled some places and we found a Portuguese resturaunt nearby. Probably should point out that Macau was a Portuguese territory so all of its architecture/culture revolves around that. Anyways, the food was delicious! 

Square near our lunch

After eating all that food, we headed to another fort… once we got there we found the stairs were blocked off and really didn’t feel like walking all the way around to find another set of stairs that may or may not be blocked off. As I mentioned it was REALLY hot, so trying to keep all walking to a minimum. 

After bailing on the fort, we got on another bus to A-Ma Temple. Unfortunately the bus we got on wasn’t right so we ended up still having to walk quite a bit to get to the temple. I’m very thankful for all those stores that blast the AC and keep their doors open so that when you walk by you get a small burst of coldness. Amazing. Anyways, once at the temple we walked around quickly (took like 5min). Not a lot to say about it besides it was a temple. 

If anyone knows this couple, let them know I got a cute picture of them

Next we hopped on another bus to head back to the other part of Macau… where most of the casinos are! We started off at the Venetian, the world’s largest casino! Jack put $300 (HK money) on what was basically dice roulette. 50/50 chance. He lost. And I thought he was lucky 😑

Hanging out in Venice, Italy 

We ventured over to the Parisian next. All the casinos are connected through walkways so you never have to go outside into the deadly heat. Thank gawd. Here we did some slots and obviously lost right away. I cashed in the 30 cents we had left over cause my friend Alexis collects coins so why not get a few extra for her. DON’T SAY I NEVER DO ANYTHING NICE ALEXIS. Then we went outside and took the classic picture of the Eiffle Tower. It’s almost like we’re in Paris.

Here’s another picture of a random building because I thought it looked cool. Taken from the bus so I apologize for the terrible quality.

Once we were done exploring Paris, we got on another bus back to the terminal and got there just in time to get on ferry back to Hong Kong. We accidently ended up on the wrong island… I think the ferry probably had two stops and we didn’t realize it. So we had to take the train back over to the other side. 

We decided to try the Australia Dairy Company for dinner. It was a madhouse! We were rushed in and told to sit at a table, but this old man was moving to sit at that table so I just awkwardly stood there until the old man told me to sit down. Turns out we were sharing a table! They really make the most out of their space! The old man also told us the most popular thing was this egg dish. It wasn’t bad, but a little too much egg for me so I gave most of mine to Jack. We also ordered another dish to go along with our egg thing. It was so cheap! 

Weird egg dish… It was kinda like jello… but softer?

One quick side note- there’s always a 50/50 chance when you use the bathroom somewhere that it will be a squatting toilet. Sometimes they have both, but sometimes you have no choice but to squat. I hate it! Everything smells gross because the pee splashes out and ugh I don’t understand the point. If you’re making a toilet, why not just make an actual toilet!

Okay, back to the day. After dinner, we walked over to the night market. It’s basically just a bunch of little stalls filled with the same junk over and over. We didn’t end up buying anything. We also went to the ladies market a bit farther down, but it ended up being the same things.

The night got good when the ladies market turned into the pet street! SO MANY PUPPIES AND KITTIES. They were all so cute, but it made me so sad that they were trapped in little clear cages with no one to play with. None of the places seemed like the kinda store that would just let you play with a dog if you had no intention of buying it. This was especially sad when I saw a CORGI. Oh my gosh it was so cute. Then we walked another store over and there was another corgi! I’m so sad I couldn’t play with them, but they were adorable! Honorable mentions include: squished face kitten, 3 black fluff ball puppies, and 3 golden retriever puppies.

Seeing all the puppies was a great way to end the night, so we headed back to our hostel. Our hostel had rooms on a few different floors in our building and one had a balcony we could use so we went and checked it out before bed.


And that was the day. So eventful and filled with so much walking! Tomorrow we head back to China to go to Guilin (shout out to Angelina- Guilin is where some of her family is from!)

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