Day 6 – Hong Kong to Guilin

Our flight out of Hong Kong wasn’t until 2pm, so when we woke up we decided we’d try to go see one of the temples in Hong Kong- Wong Tai Sin. Jack’s googlemaps had a few issues figuring out where we were, but eventually we made it to the Temple! I’ll be honest, it looked a lot like all the other temples we’ve seen. Although this one had a prayer garden that was a little different! While we were walking around a group of Asians asked us to get in their picture with them lol the guy was SO excited about it and made the excursion a little more fun for us.

Wong Tai Sin temple 

After we finished up at the temple, we went to go meet up with someone Jack knew from high school that just so happened to be in Hong Kong! We ended up at some random quick sit down resturaunt and had a delicious lunch before heading to the airport.

At the airport security stopped me AGAIN. This time they took my nail clippers, which, once again, I’ve taken with me while traveling for years! The guy “these are too sharp” me in my head *I could stab someone with a pen and get the same outcome* ugh. Oh well. Guess I’m going to have to go shopping once I get home for all things I’ve had taken from me (at this rate there’s bound to be one thing every time).

We hopped on our plane as planned, then after sitting on the plane for 20min they announced we would have to wait at least an hour before takeoff. I guess there was some Chinese government thing taking over important plane routes…? Who knows. At least they gave us a snack pack while we waited, which had water, cookies, and chocolate.

By the time we finally arrived in Guilin, I was pretty tired and super hungry. We got on a bus taking us into the city, which dropped us off about a mile away from our hostel. We decided to just walk the rest of the way and see some more of Guilin. Guilin is surrounding by lots of mountains so there are views for dayssssss. There were also a crazy amount of traffic! I had no idea Guilin would be so popping! We walked by a few cool things on our way to the hostel and will definitely go back and check some of them out the next few days.

Our hostel ended up being really cool! It has a super nice lobby and the rooms had a nice amount of space. There was also a rooftop you could enjoy the night from! 

We ended the night walking through the main town area of Guilin that is by our hostel. There are a ton of stores and food and people! 

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