Day 7 – Longji Rice Terraces

We scheduled a tour to go to the Longji Rice Terraces for the day. We left our hostel about 7 and the hostel lady walked us to a bus stop area and told us which tour bus to take. The tour guide spoke ZERO English. He spent a good hour during the bus ride talking about what I can only assume was the rice terraces… not sure why there was that much to say, but I just spaced him out and read a book.

Once we got the area we had to switch to a different bus, which took us on the most bumpy road ever. The ride took another 45minutes and of course none of these buses have any leg room! 

After we finally reached the actual rice terrace area, you could decide to take a cable car or hike up to the view point. We opted to hike since they told us it was only an hour walk (which means it takes long legged people way less). We ended up getting up the mountain in about 40minutes. We took a bunch of pictures on the way up/at the top.

The steep hike up 


Once we walked around the top, we got lunch at a mini ‘resturaunt’. We both tried the rice/meat bamboo tube, which is where they cook everything in the bamboo. It was very delicious! I also got some duck, which I also enjoyed.

After lunch we still had a while until we had to head back down the mountain, so we ended up walking around a little more. During our walk, a cute little puppy ended up walking by us so I obviously went and pet it. And then we found 4 other PUPPIES! Oh my gosh can a day get any better?! At one point I sat down and a few of them were biting on my shoelaces and I was petting another one. Seriously such a good day. I wish I could’ve adopted one and brought it home. There was a cute white fluffy one even my mom would’ve accepted! 

After petting all the puppies, we made our way back down the mountain and had to ride on the buses all the way back to Guilin. We got back about 6pm and decided to try to go explore Elephant Trunk Hill before it closed at 7pm. By the time we got there though all the gates had been locked. They must stop letting more visitors in after a certain time.

Since the hill was a fail, we ended up just going to dinner. The resturaunt we had found online turned out to not exist/we could not find it, so instead we just went to a random resturaunt that we walked by that had a cool entrance. Turned out that no one there spoke any English and the menus didn’t have any English translations! Fortunately, there were pictures for every food item, so we picked two things based on the pictures and hoped for the best. The first thing we got i actually ended up liking a lot. I thought there was meat in it, but it turned out to mostly just be veggies…. not sure what the veggies were but I enjoyed them! The second thing we got were dumplings, which I was very excited for…. until they ended up being meatless! I need more meat!!!! Overall though the food was decent.

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