Day 8 – Climbing all of the Hills in Guilin

I planned our first stop of the day- Yaoshan mountain! We hailed our first taxi (actually wasn’t all that hard) and drove about 25minutes to the mountain. We knew there was a cable car, but we were thinking we’d hike up. When we tried to explain that to the ticket lady she said we had to take the cable car. Oh well! We were also hoping to take a toboggan slide down the mountain, but since it was a rainy morning it was too wet to do it 😭. The ride up in the cable car gave us some good views of Guilin…. until we got too high and the mist engulfed us. By the time we were at the very top, you really couldn’t see any of the views! We were pretty disappointed in that. The mountain did have some worship things so we walked around for about 20minutes before we decided to leave- I’m glad we weren’t able to hike, definitely would not have been worth it!

Cable car up the mountain 

View from the top 😑

Some sort of prayer thing the Chinese hang on the trees. They were everywhere! 

Next stop was Elephant Trunk Hill… what we weren’t able to get into yesterday. Basically it’s called Elephant Trunk Hill because…. it looks like an elephants trunk… they’re really creative in naming things. We were able to hike to the very top and see a better view of the city since it was starting to get sunny.

After climbing the hill, we walked around to the little spot across from the hill to get a good picture of the “elephant trunk”

There were also some random elephant statues so we obviously took some pics with those.

Once the exploring of the hill/surrounding area was done, we walked back to the hostel and went to get lunch. Jack wanted to get McDonald’s, but the GPS failed to point us in the right direction. I ended up just getting some rasin bread from the bakery and Jack ate KFC. We needed a break from Asian food for a minute.

After lunch we decided to go visit Reed Flute Cave, which required another taxi. When we were walking up to where the cave was, an Asian man came up and asked us if we wanted to take a bamboo raft to the entrance for only $3, so we figured why not! The bamboo raft was pretty cool, but it didn’t last very long and it only took us like 200 feet past where we started. We still had to walk up a bunch of stairs. It was an interesting experience though so can’t complain! 

Jack on the raft

The cave itself was a pretty big letdown. It was super commercialized with lights all over the cave and there were photos ops and a place to pet a turtle. The cave definitely didn’t feel real. I honestly couldn’t tell you if they made the entire cave by hand or not cause it was built up.

When we got out of the cave, we noticed some steps up a mountain so we decided to go check it out. Turned out to give us some AMAZING views of the city! 

Next up was Diecai Hill, which we got to by taxi from the cave. By this time it was very humid so both Jack and I were dripping by the time we got to the top of the hill! Again there were some really cool views!

There was the option to take a slide down the hill for $3, we figured why not and it was actually SUPER FUN! You went pretty fast and it was actually really long! Definitely worth it.

We finished the night playing some games at our hostel- pool and chess…. I lost both  (obviously). And got some pizza, which ended up being really good!

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