Day 10 – The Biggest of all the Buddha’s 

We decided to make a trip out to Leshan to visit the famous Giant Buddha. Our hostel had told us which bus to take, but told us the wrong side of the street to wait on so we ended up going in the wrong direction for a few stops! We figured it out thanks to Jack’s GPS and got off and hopped on to the bus going the other direction. That bus took us to another bus station where we got on a 2hr bus ride to Leshan. Once we were in Leshan we had to get a taxi to get to where the Buddha was! It was a lot of confusion/work to make it there! We hiked to where the Giant Buddha was and headed down towards the base of this feet to get a good picture.

King of all the lands

So yeah. All that travel and we got to see a giant buddha… not sure it was worth it, but still cool! There were some temples around where the Buddha was so we walked around for a bit. While we were walking around we ended up running into this couple we had met on our great wall tour from the Netherlands! Small world! 

During our journey back to Chengdu, our bus got stopped by the police. Everyone had to get off and show them their IDs. It was really strange. Not sure what the purpose was.

We made a stop at Anshun Bridge once we were back in Chengdu. It wasn’t very eventful. The bridge itself was closed for contruction so you couldn’t actually walk across it.

By the time we got back to our hostel it was dinner time. We asked our hostel for suggestions again and she directed us to a restaurant not too far. Everything on the menu was in Chinese, but everything also had pictures. Our waiter was pretty good in trying to explain what things were using her limited English and Google translate. In the end, we got some good food! 

There was a lot of traveling that took place today… And tomorrow we are going to the panda sanctuary, which is an hour away so there will be even more traveling/trying to figure out the bus system!

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