Day 9 – Time for a Break

Since we hiked so many mountains/hills yesterday in Guilin, we decided to have a relaxing morning and just hang out in our hostel till we left for the airport. Now that I’ve figured out how VPN’s work I was able to watch Downton Abbey on Netflix all morning! Much needed break from the heat and crowds and mountains.

When we went to check out of our hostel there were like 5 kittens just running around the lobby area! SO CUTE

Once we were at the airport, we got through security smoothly for the first time! KEPT ALL OF MY BELONGINGS! We got on the plane easily, but once everyone was all settled they made an announcement in Chinese over the loud speakers and all of a sudden everyone was standing up and getting their bags! We followed and asked what the problem was… I guess air traffic was too busy… so we sat in the airport for about another 2 hours before leaving (got to watch more Downton Abbey 😀)
During the landing process in Chengdu we could see how giant the city was! Every time I think we’re going to end up in this little town and it ends up being ENORMOUS. We were easily able to get on a bus to take us to our hostel and we met some people from Singapore who spoke English so we talked to them during the ride. The hostel is pretty nice… so far we’re the only people in our room. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

For dinner we went to Yauns Chuan Chuan Xiang, recommended by our hostel. Basically you have a giant pot with a spicy side and a non spicy side and you walk around and pick up different food items to cook in it (meat, veggies, etc). Jack cooked his in the spicy side and said it wasn’t that bad but I definitely did not risk it!

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