Day 11 – Wandering Around Chengdu

We started off with an early morning to go to the Panda Research Center. Our hostel told us it was about an hour away by bus and to get there earlier because they feed the pandas in the morning. We had two take two buses to get there. On one bus, this little child was standing next to me eating some food. Right when I was thinking about what I would do if he just threw up on me he sneezed 😑. Got some gross little chunks of food on my pet ugh.

When we had to switch buses, we were at like the main bus station and we couldn’t find our bus anywhere! Random workers kept pointing us in different directions, it was so confusing! Luckily after about 15minutes we saw our bus number and hopped on. 

The Panda Research Center was pretty fun, but definitely a tourist attraction. This is the first place where we actually saw a significant number of non-asians tourists. We walked around for about an hour and got to see big pandas eating, children pandas playing, and new born pandas sleeping!


After the Panda Research Center, we still had a ton of time until we needed to head to the airport. We decided to go to the Wenshu Yuan Monastery. We took two more buses and made it back to the area pretty quickly. We saw this random fast food resturaunt and decided to give it a try. I ended up getting some fried chicken, which was actually really good!

Once we finished eating, we walked the rest of the way to the monastery. There ended up being a little coffee shop inside so Jack got a coffee and we planned a bit for our upcoming days in Xian. We also walked around the monastery for a little while, there was a really cool temple!

Since we still had a bunch of time after the monastery, we decided to take the metro to this random square. When we went to buy our metro tickets we saw the actual metro map was HUGE. Googlemaps only had two lines, but the metro showed way more than that- you could even take it all the way to the airport! Apparently the expansion of the metro was relatively new cause literally no one told us to take it, even though it was super cheap and convienent. Anyways, we made it to the square, saw a random monument of Mao, then decided to walk to a park nearby. At the park I was getting bitten by all the mosquitos so we decided to take the new metro lines we learned about to the Global Mall, which my dad had looked up and told us about. 

The Global Mall was AWESOME! It had an indoor watermark that was HUGE, an ice rink, an imax, and, obviously, a bunch of stores. We didn’t have a lot of time at this point so we just walked around quickly and marveled at everything.

The waterpark in the mall

Quite a large place

The Chengdu airport was very sucessful- didn’t get anything taken and our plane wasn’t delayed!
Once we arrived in Xian, we caught a bus and a taxi to get to our hostel. We wandered over to the bell tower, which was lit up at night- very cool! And hit up the Muslim Quarter, which had a bunch of street vendors- Jack tried a few foods.

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