Day 12 – Xi’an Terracotta Warriors

We booked a tour with our hostel to go visit the Terracotta Warriors! We got picked up from our hostel around 10am by our tour guide. There were 10 other people on the tour with us, including some Americans! The bus to the site took about an hour and our tour guide filled us in on some information on the way. Apparently the farmer who found the warriors while digging a well was paid 10yuan by the government. In American dollars that’s maybe $2! Apparently he’s famous now though and people love him so it ended up working out for him in the end. At the site there are 3 pits. We started with our 3, which was the least restored and really wasn’t that exciting to look at to be honest. Then we moved to site 2, which was apparently the “headquarters”. It was very small, but had a few warriors and horses reconstructed so it was cool! Lastly, we went to pit 1, which was exactly what you would’ve expected going to see the warriors! It was a giant pit with half restored and half still in the process of being restored. We ended up getting some cool pictures!

After exploring the pits, our guide took us to a place to get lunch. It was a lazy susan that was filled with all sorts of Chinese good, very good! After lunch, they gave us a free tea tasting. I don’t like tea in general so I wasn’t the biggest fan of anything we drank, but it was interesting to learn about the different types of tea.

On our way back from the tour, our guide mentioned she could drop us off at the Xian city wall, which we were planning on visiting after the tour anyways! The wall is about 10miles around the city and we rented some bikes to ride around. It was super bumpy, but fun to do.

Once we finished our bike ride, we headed back to our hostel. I had gotten the phone numbers of the Americans we had met during our tour and texted them about dinner plans. We ended up going over to their hostel and getting dinner. We all tried heading over to the wild goose pagoda to see a night show, but the bus took longer than expected so we missed it 😭 Our new American friends were really cool though and we hung out with them way later than we should’ve! Tomorrow is a 6am start! 

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