Day 14 – Back to Beijing 

Our morning started off with heading back to the high speed train terminal (where we had to go to catch the train to Mount Huashan). Since we were able to get our tickets yesterday, we planned on getting there about 30minutes early. Overall, the train ride was pretty uneventful- 5hrs, a baby screamed for 10minutes, listened to some podcasts, stared out the window to contemplate life. The usual.

Back in Beijing, we had the same hostel we had stayed at previously and took the metro to get there. Jack was really hungry so we walked down to the street the food was on and went into a random resturaunt. Again, we both picked the same dish based on the picture available (it looked like a beef stew). When we got the food, it DEFINITELY was NOT beef. I tried like 3 bites and decided I was not hungry enough to eat this nonsense. Jack on the otherhand ate a good portion of his. While he was eating I decided to Google the dish and figure out what the grossness in it actually was. Turns out it was some bread, tofu….. pork lungs and chittleling. PORK LUNGS EW. Then I Google chittleling…. INTESTINES DOUBLE EW. Thankful I decided not to eat it. Jack had to deal with accepting the food he ate.

After lunch, we decided to go to the Summer Palace. It ended up being about 1hr on the metro. Can’t say it was worth that long trip. It was enormous! But that was almost a bad thing cause I didn’t want to walk THAT much lol. We walked through the actual palace and then walked part of the way around the lake before deciding to head back to the hostel.

After the palace, we went back to our hostel and decided to just eat dinner there. I had some chicken and green peppers… It was exactly what I expected.

Our plan after dinner was to meet up with our American friends we had met in Xian. We ended up meeting them at a tiki bar and also went to an 8-bit bar, where they were having China’s regional super smash brothers tournament! It was fun to hang out with them one last time before heading home.

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