Day 15 – The Greatest of all the Walls Part 2

Today we woke up around 7am to get picked up to drive to the Great Wall. The couple we met in Huashan had told us about a tour they took- private driver takes you to Jiankou (wild portion of the wall) and you hike to Mutianyu (completely restored portion of the wall). It sounded like a cool tour and since we were planning on going back to the wall we booked it!

The drive to the base of Jiankou took about 2 hours. We started at the bottom of the mountain (The wall sits on the very top of the mountain). Our driver hiked with us through the random path until we made it to the wall and told us he’d pick us up on the other side. Our driver offered us some walking sticks for the climb (Thank goodness we took them). It was super steep to get to where the wall was. Our driver seemed more out of breath than we were though even though he probably does this all the time!

Our driver wearing great clothes for hiking lol

Once we reached the wall, we started our walk towards the moniyuan section. Jiankou is completely wild part of the wall meaning it’s not really maintained and there were bushes growing everywhere! There were some very steep sections where you had to go super slowly to avoid slipping! It was cool to see how the wall actually looks when it’s not maintained though.


Eventually, after about an hour of hiking, the wall started to be clear of bushes and the ground become less bumpy and rocky. We made it to the restored section! There were a lot more tourists there, but the restored wall was awesome! 

At this section of the wall there is the option to take a slide down the mountain back to the town- obviously we did that. The slide was pretty long and I thought it was a lot of fun, especially more exciting than taking a cable car down. Jack complained a little about the people in front of us going to slowly, but it was still a good time.

Once we got to the bottom, we found our driver waiting for us. He recommended a food place for lunch and even what we should order there. The food was delicious! We got a little too much though. So full 

After the fun day of hiking, we had a long ride back stuck in traffic. We ended up hanging out at our hostel for awhile, then went to the old Olympic Stadium area. We got to see some of the big buildings from the Olympics like the birds nest and the water arena.

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