Falling Down Doi Suthep

When my brother came to Chiang Mai, he went on a mountain biking trip down Doi Suthep. It seemed like he had a pretty good time and since I’ve never mountain biked before it seemed like a fun cool idea!

The day started with getting picked up from our hostel at 9:30. They drove us to their bike shop, we grabbed some helmets, had a brief breakdown of what we were doing, then hopped back into the trucks (basically a tiny truck and they turned the back into seats). The drive to our starting point took forever. Once we were up in the mountain the roads became dirt, one-way roads and with the stick shift car we were jerking around so much. I definitely was feeling car sick. We were all relived when we finally made it! 

At the top they gave us our bikes and pads to wear (looked so official lol)

Then we started our way down the mountain! Somehow I was the first person behind the instructor, but we were only going down roads so the terrain wasn’t too bad. About 10minutes in, we went down this steep muddy slope. The instructer went SO FAST, but I tried to keep a good pace…. Until my wheel went into a pot hole… and my bike flipped over…. and I somersaulted with it… I’M REALLY GOOD AT MOUNTAIN BIKING. Honestly the fall really wasn’t too painful, I was mostly terrified everyone was going to ride over me but thankfully no one did. The bike ended up landed on my calf though which is now bruised pretty badly and I have a few scraps from the ground. But overall totally intact! The instructor ended up switching bikes with me so I could have a really low bike seat- lower to the ground, can put your feet down easily and better balance. It was nice except for when we went uphill and I actually had to pedal on a tiny bike.

Anyways, I moved to the back of the pack where I met this lady that was my mom’s age who went SUPER SLOWLY. It was just what I needed to monitor my speed and I never fell again! My hands are definitely super stiff though from gripping the brakes for 2 hrs.

Once we got towards the end of the trail, it became much less rocky and easy to move around. I started to get the hang of things again by then so I enjoyed the last 30minutes of the trip. 

There was beautiful scenery the whole way down (that you got to see when we had stoping breaks)

At the end of the trip we got to have lunch by a beautiful lake. It was very peaceful and much needed.

The trip back to town from the beach was pretty quick. We showered and relaxed a little then finally went to check out the rooftop at our hostel. It was pretty nice, but not super eventful since people don’t really appear to hang out there.

We went back to the street market for dinner and obviously got some meat on a stick. Can’t ever go wrong. When we got back to the hostel Chris and Tom from yesterday were hanging out with a few other people so we joined. Tom looked up the crash record for our next airline.. not sure why he was interested in telling me that but it sounds like they only had crashes in bad weather and it’s going to be nice tomorrow! Eventually we played some uno and then cards against humanity, in which I kept asking Tom if he understood the random American references lol. It was a fun night with some fun people.

Going to probably try to get a massage tomorrow before heading to the airport for Laos!

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