Yesterday we traveled to Luang Prabang in Laos. It was a super quick flight on a little propeller plane and we ended up being the first people in line for the visas so we got to our hostel pretty quickly after landing! My brother had recommended we climb the mountain and see the sunset. Apparently that’s a very well known thing to do because it ended up being soooo crowded. Got a good picture though

After sunset, we finally had dinner at a sit down resturaunt instead of just the night market and they ended up having my favorite cider that you can’t get in the US!!! 😁 I was super happy. 

We started this morning with our planned visit to an elephant sanctuary. I had tried to Google places that treated their elephants nicely and we found one that seemed to do a great job! It was about a 35minute drive to the sanctuary. Once there our guide explained some of the history of Laos and how the elephant population has declined. He also explained how they try to keep their elephants happy (feed them lots, don’t ride them, let them wander about, etc). Apparently they can also use elephant poop to make paper! The villagers use it!

After learning about the elephants, we were geared up with some water shoes and brought over to feed and bathe the elephants! It was so much fun to feed them. The one liked when you put the food directly into her mouth rather than handing it to her trunk. They eat quite a lot of food. Then we led them into the water and threw buckets of water on them to clean them off (they throw dirt onto their backs to cool off so they are super dirty)

Once they were fed and bathed, we took them for about an hour walk through the jungle. Our guide explained plants to use and provided other random fun elephant facts along the way. Overall it was just fun to be walking through the jungle with elephants! 

Goodbye kiss!

Once we finished walking the elephants we said goodbye and headed back for lunch. They brought out a bunch of delicious food and there was a cute dog named panda who kept us company while we ate.

On the way back our driver told us he could take us to Kung Si Falls and eventually he gave us a price we thought was reasonable so we went for it. The falls are pretty touristy now, but definitely very beautiful. It was fun to hang out for a little and jump in the freezing water.

After the falls, we hit up the night market to make some purchases of the elephant variety. I literally love all things elephants and wish I could buy more but I know i don’t need that much.

We had another pretty good dinner and are going to bed early since we have to be up at 5am for our bus to Kasi!

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