Learning to Ride

Started off with an early 5am wake up to be picked up to catch our bus at 6am. After waiting 10minutes past the time that we were supposed to be picked up I decided to walk over to the travel agency and have Sam stay behind so if either of us found someone we could direct them to the other person. Once I got to the travel agency I found out that it was still closed for the morning so I made my way back to our hostel. On the way back suddenly Sam called my name from the tuk tuk. Luckily, a guy had come to the hostel to get us and Sam directed him to me (after some translation difficulties).

On the way to the station we were able to see the monks walk around for offerings. Every morning the monks get up around sunset and walk the streets to get food for the day. People will wake up and make a spot by the side of the road to wait for them and offer them food. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten up that early to see them do this so it was cool we got to see it today while on the tuk tuk!

We got to the bus station around 5:45am and our tuk tuk driver got us our actual bus tickets before he left. When we looked at the tickets it said 7am! So we had to wait a whole extra hour before our bus left.

The bus station was just a bunch of chairs under a roof, but totally outside (also look how much more tan I am already lol)

Finally 7 rolled around and we figured out which bus we needed to be on and was on our way. Around 9:45 we had stopped at a bus station. Tom (the motorbike guy we were having a tour with) had said it would take about that long so I was thinking we had to get off! Turns out we were taking the old road because of some government conflicts with bus companies taking tourists for less money than the government bus companies on the main road?? Or something like that. Anyways, we ended up being on the bus for 5.5hrs!!!

When we finally got in Tom, the motorbike guy, was there waiting for us! He’s this super nice guy from Wales who opened up a motorbike lesson/tour company in Kasi. My dad and brother had come out for a day lesson with him when they were in Laos and it sounded super fun so we decided to give it a try! 

Tom brought us to his bike shop and hooked us up with some gear (aka jackets and helmets) and started to give us some lessons. I have never ridden a manual bike before let alone drive a manual car so I did not expect any good results. We each got a chance to ride around the yard. Turning is actually pretty difficult but Tom kept giving me ideas on how to get better and eventually I got the hang of it!

After the practice session in his yard, we drove out to a bigger practice field where Sam drove around and I learned how to switch gears. Tom’s helmet had a microphone that went to my helmet so he could instruct me the entire time. I would like to say I got the hang of it pretty quickly for having literally zero confidence in myself.

My stylish outfit

Once I was finally good at riding, we moved to a little area where you could go down and up a tiny hill. It took me a try before I didn’t freak out but it was fun to do!

Concentrating hard on not dying

Tom also told Sam he could go up a different hill that would give him a tiny jump at the top.

While Sam was riding around I was telling Tom how my dad and brother came to him about 3-4 years ago and he goes “wait… was your dad a policeman?” Lol he kinda remembered them!! Crazy since he meets so many people throughout each year. Granted they are very tall white guys.

Here’s just a pic Tom took of me so I could be cool

Once we were done practicing, Tom took us for a quick ice cream cone and then we went for a cruise. With the sun setting Kasi was soooooo pretty. I was driving so I didn’t take any pictures but it was beautiful!

We’re staying at a guest house in town for the night about a 10minute walk from where Tom’s school is. Tom dropped us off to shower and told us to meet him right back by his place for dinner. There’s this resturaunt/bar across from him that it seems like he goes to almost everyday! He bought us some traditional Lao food- basically you just take a glob of sticky rice and then pick up some of the food and stuff in all in your mouth. It was really delcious 😊

After dinner Tom took us over to his one coworkers house who was having a little get together. Basically all the people there spoke in Lao, with minimal English throughout. The one man had a waterbottle filled with Lao whiskey, infused with bugs. Laos is known for its whiskey for some reason and it’s a big thing to add animals/bugs to it (snakes, scorpions). The guy had us try some- wasn’t great by itself lol. Afterwards I asked what was in the bottle (it looked like bugs and I really just wanted to know). Turns out it had like 20 wasps! Pretty weird/gross and I don’t really know if they actually do anything to the flavor but whatever makes them happy. 

And that was our day. Learned something new, tried new food, pet some cute dogs. Really can’t complain. For those interested (if you ever go to Laos), Tom’s tour is called Uncle Tom’s Trails.

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  1. Sounds fantastic Love the posts, just wonderful. Keep them coming.


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