A day in Vang Vieng

We got picked up for our tour this morning at 9am. We drove for about 30minutes in a tuk tuk before we reached the first destination. Our guide who spoke very little English led us to the Elephant Cave. Basically there was just one random formation in the cave that kind of looked like an elephant. Not super eventful.

Can you see it?

After the Elephant cave, we headed to the water cave. For this we got head lamps and tubes to sit in. We made our way through the cave on tubes, pulling ourselves with a rope that took you through the cave.

Once we made our way in and out of the cave,  we got back in the tuk tuk and made our way to lunch/the kayak launch point. Lunch was some rice, chicken on a kabob, and bread in a little hut next to the water.

After we finished eating we took off on our kayak trip back into town! We had a two person kayak so it was a pretty casual trip, went through some “rapids” that really weren’t anything crazy. It took about two hours to make it back into town. We saw a bunch of tubers on the way, who tube down the river and stop at the different bars along the way.

It was a fun kayak trip with beautiful views of the mountains along the way.

Once we made it back to shore, we headed to our hostel and decided to rent a scooter and go to the Blue Lagoon for the rest of the afternoon. The Blue Lagoon wasn’t really super exciting. The wasn’t a ton of space to swim so mostly all you did was jump off a tree or use the rope to swing into the water. There were so many people there so it took awhile to do any of it! 
Sam jumping off the tree

There was also a mini hike up to a cave so we made our way up there and explored the cave for a little bit!

When we got back to our hostel we booked our bus ticket to Vientiane tomorrow morning and then headed to dinner! We picked a random resturaunt because they had swings for seats, which seemed fun. The food ended up being HUGE servings and was super delicious. 

After dinner we decided to check out the one bar in Vang Vieng. It was popping, playing a lot of music and people were getting really into it. I was talking to some Canadians, but not feeling the dancing vibe so I left Sam and headed back to the hostel. I ended up facetiming my dad and clare so that was fun 😁

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  1. Kelly O'Neil says:

    I love reading your different adventures every day!! Keep the pictures coming, especially of Sam 😉 It’s great to be able to see all that you’re doing!


    1. I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures to Facebook so you can have Sam show you all of them when he gets back!


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