It’s Heating Up!

We left Vang Vieng around 9am this morning for a 4hr bus ride to Vientiane. It is way warmer now that we are out of the mountains! Starting to get some humidity and I’m sure it’ll get progressively warmer as we keep going south! 

Apparently Sam went too hard after I left him at the bar last night cause he threw up on the bus (into a bag), which was super gross to listen to.

After we got off the bus we made our way to our hostel… But we couldn’t find it! It was called Dreamers hostel #2 but we could only find #1! We went into #1 and apparently #2 closed. I emailed hostelworld since I’m pretty upset it just left the booking in my future trips without any notification that it had closed. We ended up just getting a room at #1 so it wasn’t a super big deal.

Once we finally got our room, we headed to Patuxai, a random arch in the city. 

We were able to walk up to the top, which wasn’t super exciting but we didn’t have anything else to do. Vientiane is really just a city you go to to leave Laos, there’s not much to do besides it being the capital.

View from the top of the Arch

We were both feeling the heat after climbing the arch so we stopped for some ice cream on the way back. Super delicious 

We didn’t feel like doing much after ice cream so we just hung out at our hostel for a while- showered, read my book. Around 7pm we decided to find some food. We walked just down the block and found a pizza place! I’m pretty skeptical about eating non-Asian food here, but someone had pizza on their table and it looked good so we gave it a try. It ended up being delicious! It was a nice break from noodles and rice!

No plans for the rest of the night and we head to Cambodia tomorrow!

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