Phnom(enal) Penh 

Officially in Cambodia! We arrived around 1pm and took a tuk tuk to our hostel… turns out there is actually a lot of traffic here so it took quite a while (doesn’t help that the tuk tuk could only go like 10mph anyways). The motorbikes here are extra crazy compared to anywhere else. They would find any way to get around the cars to the front of the stop light, even our tuk tuk driver was a bit crazy!

Anyways, once we arrived at our hostel there was a hard core pool party happening- even had a DJ. Turns out it was Australia day and they had a bunch of activities planned. We ended up signing up to go to the barbecue at our hostels rooftop bar for dinner.

In the mean time, we walked over to the Royal Palace. Before we left I was thinking they probably would have rules regarding what you could wear (aka you need to cover your knees and shoulders) but it’s so hot here that I just wore my tank top and shorts. Once we got there it turns out I had been thinking right about the dress code so we didn’t actually go in the palace (once you’ve seen one palace you’ve basically seen them all anyways). We did a loop around the place then headed back to our hostel. On our way we passed Independence Monument and some other random statues.

Independence Monument 

Other random statues

Once we got back to the hostel we decided to sit by the pool. It’s not a very big pool and the people already in it were on a whole other level so we didn’t actually go in ourselves- it was amusing to watch though!

Eventually some people sat at our table with us and we started to make some friends! It seems like actually a lot of Australians were at our hostel so most people were going to the barbecue. 

The food ended up being really good- they gave you a good variety of meats 😊 and we ended up hanging out at the rooftop for the rest of the night. I even got to play foosball with this 2 year old girl who was one if the staff’s daughter- we lost lol but she was cute.

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