Cruising through the Gulf of Thailand

With the forecast of rain in Sihanoukville I didn’t have much hope for avoiding the rain on our cruise, but it didn’t rain at all!!!! The cruise left around 9:30am and didn’t get back until 6pm. Very long day in the sun. We went to three islands- I can tell you one was Koh Rong Salmon and one was Koh Rong, but can’t remember the last one.

The first island just had a nice beach we got to chill at for about an hour. When we got back on the boat they served us a typical Asian lunch- rice and some meat. The next island was mostly for snorkeling, but since we docked in deep water they opened up the water slide on the side of the boat! The slide was about 15feet long and then dropped off at the end about 10feet from the water. It was fun, but also a little painful and definitely had a ton of salt water go up my nose, which was not the most pleasant. 

The last island was again mostly just a beach, but there were also a bunch of rocks you could climb around on so we mostly just did that the entire time.

Sam stepping on the other island lol

One the way back to Sihanoukville, they had a random foam party.

Once we got back we walked by this pizza place that looked pretty good so we stopped. Can’t eat rice for every meal (at least I can’t lol)

Heading to Siem Reap tomorrow!

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  1. Love everything keep them coming. You have a wonderful way with words. Thanks


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