Hole in One!

We took a tuk tuk ride to the airport this morning, which required going over some pretttyyy steep hills… wasn’t sure our tuk tuk was going to make it at times. We ended up pulling up to the smallest airport I’ve ever seen and it was still under construction. We got there just under 2hrs before the flight but they didn’t even have it possible to check in for like 30 more minutes! I guess they only have one way into the airport and since the flight before us was going to Vietnam they didn’t want to figure out who had to go through customs? I don’t know, that’s my only guess.

Here’s a picture of the outside of the airport…. that was it… our tuk tuk wasn’t even allowed to drop us off at the door. We had to walk from the street.

Anyways, the flight was super quick and we got to Siem Reap in an hour! Even got switched to the emergency exit row so got to enjoy the leg room for a full hour lol

Once in Siem Reap we got some lunch at this random food place that we both didn’t enjoy very much. Then we decided to try to find the mini golf place my dad and brother had gone to when they were here! It was about 3miles away so we took a tuk tuk- the guy working there said they had to move farther away cause the other place wanted to charge them too much for the land. Anyways, it was a super difficult mini golf course. Like sometimes par was 6 shots! But it was fun to play and I got a hole in one on the last shot so I got a free drink!

First hole… wasn’t too difficult

My free drank!

After mini golf, we relaxed at our hostel for a bit and went in the pool they have. For dinner we headed towards the night market. The night market here is HUGE. There are different sections- pub street, container street (all the bars were in railway containers). When we were walking around we noticed the eclipse was happening! So we would randomly look up at check it out. Never saw it become a blood moon though… not sure what time that happened. 

At the end of the night we met up with this Australian we had met in Phenom Pehn and hung out for a while at his hostel. Going to the famous Angkor Wat tomorrow so getting ready to see temples on temples on temples.

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  1. Kelly O'Neil says:

    I love how you took a tuk tuk to play putt putt! So even with your hole-in-one, did Sam beat you at mini-golf? He takes his putt-putt pretty seriously 😉


    1. He did still beat me by 1. I definitely was not taking the game seriously compared to him haha


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