Let’s start off by saying the beds at this hostel suckkkkk. First of all, the actual bed must be wrapped in saran wrap and they just put a fitted sheet over that because every time you move in the bed it makes so much noise! Basically like rubbing a bunch of plastic bags together.  And then the bed is not even long enough for me to lay flat in and there’s no way I’m the tallest person to ever sleep here.  Anyways, can’t do much about that, just didn’t sleep very well.

On the plus side, I woke up before my alarm so I didn’t have to feel bad waking up everyone else in the room. Had a quick breakfast and then got picked up for our tour of Angkor Wat! 

Angkor Wat is basically a giant temple ground (you can buy a 7 day pass if that gives you an idea of how many temples you could look at). The Wikipedia said it’s about 400 acres. Anyways, Angkor Wat is just one of the temples there- but, from what I can tell, is the most popular one.

Our tour started by dropping us off at Angkor Wat. It’s pretty huge. We had 2hrs to walk around and our guide gave us a little history lesson as we went (although his English wasn’t great so it was a bit hard to pay attention). The picture below shows it in the background.

We also climbed up to the top part of the temple. Had some cool views from there.

Next stop was Ta Prohm, which is where parts of Tomb Raider were filmed. This temple was much less intact and was undergoing a lot of restoration.

I obviously just walked around and pretended to be Lara Croft (except with the required modest clothing)

The cool part about this temple is that HUGE trees just grew ontop of it. Just reminds you how old these places are.

Stop three was to Bekhang. I personally thought this was the coolest temple we went to- just check out the pictures.

Last stop was to a temple ontop of the mountain (I cannot tell you the name of the temple or the mountain). When we got there Sam sprinted up the mountain, which was not going to happen for me given that my elephant pants are not stretchy at all so I could not take very large steps. Once you get to the top of the mountain, you have to get in line to go up onto the temple. They only allow 300 people up there at a time. Since it’s a popular place to watch the sunset, we got to the mountain about 2hrs before the sun was supposed to set. By the time I got to the temple Sam was long gone, having gotten a pass before the 300 limit was up. I ended up waiting in line for about an hour, hoping people would walk down so I could go up. Another girl from our tour group was also waiting, about 3 people ahead of me, and we decided to say screw it to the temple and just walk around the base. Me and the girl ended up walking back down the mountain looking for a different viewpoint to see the sunset, but about 10minutes before the sun was supposed to set some clouds came in so the sunset became pretty lame anyways. 

We walked the rest of the way down the mountain and found this random temple  (that you didn’t need a pass for!). I convinced the girl to climb up it with me- it had some pretty steep stairs!

It was a pretty fun detour and made me not upset for missing the other temple.

Finally at 6pm the day of viewing temples was over! We were dropped off at the night market where we finally tried some of that frozen rolled ice cream (it’s really cheap here) and had some dinner.

I had nutella and Oreo 

Tomorrow we’re off to Phuket/Koh Phi Phi!

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