Koh Phi Phi

So quick recap of yesterday- woke up at 6am to get to the airport, got to Phuket around 10:30, took a cab to the pier, ferry didn’t leave until 3pm so we sat for 3hrs and waited. Got on the ferry and found out Sam had never played MASH before so played a game to find out who he would marry and all that life stuff you put on MASH. Got to Koh Phi Phi (an island like 2hrs away). Booked a cruise for the next day. Went to bed.


So our cruise (and by cruise I mean this tiny boat that somehow fit like 15 people) took us to a few different places. First, we stopped at shark point and went snorkeling for 40minutes. Next, we went to monkey beach, but since it was high tide there wasn’t actually a beach so we stood in the water and a few monkey came down on the trees and took food from us. Then, we boated by Viking Cave, but you couldn’t stop so it wasn’t that exciting. It’s just this cave that I guess has a pirate ship in it and people used to live there? Idk. Next, we went to another cove and just swam in the pretty water for a little bit. Then stopped one more time for snorkeling. Lastly, we ended our trip at Maya Beach! Maya Beach is where they filmed the movie The Beach, with Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s a pretty old movie and I watched it back in high school so I don’t actually remember much of the plot but the beach is very pretty! 

What our boat looked like

Monkey Beach

Vikings Cave

Maya Beach!

Explored around Maya Beach for awhile

Sun starting to set at Maya Beach left some pretty views

Before the sun actually set, we went back on the boat and watched the sunset from the boat.

Overall, it was a long but fun day exploring the islands.

At night we decided to meet up with some of the people we met on the cruise. They were a big group of college students doing an exchange program in Singapore. We went to one of the beach parties (there are like 10 right next to each other along the beach, it’s a bit much). Around 1:30 I decided I was done and didn’t want to wait 30 more minutes for the party to be over lol so I went back to the room and went to bed. When Sam got back he told me his phone got stolen from the beach while swimming in the ocean. He went to the police station but I’m guessing this happens all the time so there wasn’t much he could do. So if you need to talk to Sam send him an email or send me a message! And life lesson- it’s always a good idea to leave the party early.

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