Superbowl Monday!

Woke up at 5:30am to walk down to Hooters and watch the Superbowl starting at 6:30am in Thailand! One of the guys in our dorm room came with us (he’s from Texas). Overall, it was an fun game to watch! Only downside was we didn’t get to see any commercials 😭 instead during commercial breaks it just showed the stadium from the outside… actually a pretty cool looking stadium though.

After the Superbowl (at like 10am lol) I was able to FaceTime with my parents for a little bit. Then we headed down to the beach. The sun here is very strong so it’s hard to sit out in it for very long. We lasted probably around an hour at the beach before we decided to go to the pool at our hostel instead, where we spent the rest of our afternoon.

Around 6pm, we decided to walk to the beach to see the sunset (the beach is like a block away). 

We got some pizza again for dinner and then walked around the shops before heading to bed. Very relaxing and chill day!

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