The hostel we stayed in was actually pretty nice. You had like a little pod for your bed so it was more secluded from everyone else. Anyways, Sam must’ve got food poisoning because I guess he was throwing up all night. We’ve had all the same meals for the past two days so not sure what it was from, but my immune system is clearly stronger 😜

We had to check out of our hostel by 11, so we did a slow walk over to Marina Bay Sands. Picked up some saltine crackers for Sam to eat. We got to Marina Bay around 12:30 and went straight up to the pool!

Marina Bay has what I can only assume is the largest/tallest infinity pool in the world. The water was FREEZING though and it actually wasn’t that hot outside so it wasn’t super fun to stand in for very long. But we ended up chilling outside by the pool for the entire afternoon. 

I ordered some food at the pool after the people next to me got some delicious looking fries. For a fancy hotel the prices weren’t toooooo crazy, especially since you get to convert it to USD.

I ate half the sandwich before I decided to take a picture lol

For the evening, two of the people we had met on Koh Phi Phi that are studying abroad in Singapore told us they’d take us around the town. They met us at our hotel since there’s a cool rooftop bar there by the pool. I told Naja she could go for a swim at the pool (you need to have a hotel keycard to get in) so we went up together. She was SO EXCITED lol. Got to see the city views at night, which was very pretty.

After the pool and the rooftop bar, we headed to this club that apparently a bunch of people they knew were going to. I guess normally they let guys in with t-shirts but that night they weren’t for some reason so we ended up going to this area called Clarke Quay. It was actually pretty cool, pretty mad at myself for not taking a picture! But it’s basically this little area with restaurants and bars but the space is between is covered so you can’t see the sky while walking around (would be good for when it’s raining).

Sam and Prem (the other guy with us) decided to go back to the club and try to get in. Naja and I ended up just walking along the river until we got back to Marina Bay. Overall, it was a fun day for my half birthday 😁

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  1. Kelly O'Neil says:

    Great pics!! I showed Mike Downes the infinity pool pics. He was interested in how they constructed their pool vs regulations we have here in the US.

    No more puking for Sam! No fun 😦


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