Diving in Cairns 

We arrived in Cairns yesterday morning, unforunately Cairns is really just a gateway city for tours and we got there too late to do a tour…. But thankfully they had this manmade “lagoon” (it was a pool) that was open to the public! It is actually a huge swimming area and even had a side with a beach. We spent most of our day chilling there. We were very tired from waking up at 3am for the flight plus I was having a super bad runny nose (thankfully I consulted my pharmacy friends and got myself some Sudafed) so we decided to go to bed rather early. 

The pool

Side note- I’m reading this really good book if you like sci-fi/fantasy books. I’m on the second book now but the first one is called Wolf by Wolf written by Ryan Graudin. LOVE IT CAN’T STOP READING
Anyways, before we went to bed we went and booked two tours- a snorkel/scuba dive to the Great Barrier Reef and a canyoning trip.

The snorkel/scuba diving was our trip today. Our boat left at 9am from the pier, which is a short walk from our hostel.

It was about a 2hr boat ride to get to the reef. Sam and I ended up being in group #1 for scuba diving  (only 4 people per group) so we got to go right away! I was a bit nervous about scuba diving since I had a cold the past 2 days and wasn’t a full 100% but I decided to still give it a go.

Before we did the dive there were a few basic skills we had to practice like how to get water out of your goggles while still underwater. To do these skills we went about 5ft underwater to this metal bar that we could hang onto and the instructors came to each of us individually and practiced the skills. While I was waiting for an instructor to come to me I started to panic about being able to breathe well with still having a bit of a cold. I was hardcore overthinking it because I had nothing to do but hold onto that bar and stare at the ocean. When the instructor finally came to me I pointed up to tell him I wanted to get out of there. Instead he grabbed both of my hands and looked me in the eyes and made me concentrate on breathing. IT HELPED SO MUCH. I really was just overthinking it all while waiting so I decided, once again, to give it a go. 

The dive itself was only about 20minutes around the reef (it was an intro dive). My ears definitely hurt more than I remember the last time I went diving (granted that was like 8years ago), but I’m guessing it was from me not feeling 100%. The dive was fun and I found Nemo’s house and his dad swimming around. Also I noticed Sam disappeared while we were diving. Figured he had some equipment malfunction and joined another group or something.

When I got out of the boat and took off my mask this guy told me my nose was bleeding, which concerned me a little lol. But I think it was just cause you blow your nose alot in order to fix your ears while going down in the water and my nose was pretty raw from the past two days. I feel fine now so no worries! But it did freak me out a bit at first so I decided to wait to go snorkeling until the next location.

At some point I finally found Sam. Turns out he actually freaked out when we went under and decided not to dive! He ended up just going snorkeling.

At the second site Sam and I went out snorkeling together. SO MANY FISH! Seriously, it’s crazy all the beautiful fish that exist at the reef. It’s sad to think about how quickly the reef is being destroyed. I’m really glad we got to see it before it’s too late.

Random two picture I took on the boat

On the way back to the mainland we ended up meeting this girl Kendall from California that’s actually moving to Chicago this summer for med school! We ended up going to dinner with her for the night- turns out she plays volleyball too! We added each other on Facebook so we can get together once she moves.

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