Sightseeing Sydney

Made it to Sydney! Got to sit in the emergency exit row so had nice amounts of leg room for the 2hr flight. Once we got to Sydney, we took the train to meet up with Sam’s friend Andrew who we are staying with. We got some dinner before bed. Pretty chill day.

This morning we left for downtown around 10am. The train took us pretty close to the Sydney Opera House. Our day basically consisted of taking pictures from different angles of the Opera House lol

After walking around the Opera House, we walked through the botanical gardens (basically to just get to another view point of the Opera House)

At noon we met Andrew for a quick lunch in the business district. Then we headed over to Darling Harbor. It really wasn’t super exciting. I would compare it slightly to Navy Pier. Everything there is something for tourists. We walked around but didn’t do anything. 

We made our way over to the Town Hall to go on a free walking tour of the city. We got there a bit early so we went into St. Andrew’s church briefly to check it out. 

The tour ended up being about 2.5hrs. We walked all throughout Sydney and learned a lot about the history of the city. Who knew there were so many older buildings!

Random street art is in the alleyways. As you walked underneath this one you heard bird noises, but there are not actually any birds in the cages.

The tour ended right by the Sydney Bridge which was nice because our plan was to walk across after the tour!

The sun had finally come out so we got to take a better picture with the Opera House from across the harbor.

The bridge is supposedly 1km. We walked across and back-up it was super windy up there. 

After the bridge walk, we headed back over to the Opera House because we were meeting Andrew and his girlfriend there for dinner. We also had some gelato before heading back for the night.

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