Sydney Costal Walk 

After 6 weeks of writing blogs I’ve basically given up on any creative blog names so just going to state the facts now!

We planned a beach day and decided to go check out Manly beach. There is a ferry that takes you right to the area the beach is in. Originally our plan was to get brunch once there, but this one place had a really good lunch deal so we just went with that.

Manly beach itself was a pretty standard beach, but there were some huge waves happening and we got to see some pretty good surfers ride them. Was pretty cool to watch!

Instead of just sitting at the beach all day, we decided to do the Manly to Spit coastal walk. It’s a 10kilometer walk along the coast, with random beaches along the way.

This picture isn’t great because I took it after we had already walked a bit. But basically we started on the far right and ended almost on the far left. If you can see the red line, that’s the path we followed.

Anyways, we took our time walking so it took us about 4.5hrs to walk the whole thing. There were rocks to climb along the way, beaches to see, scenic points to check out, etc. Here are some pictures from along the way

Climbing on some rocks

A beach! (I found a pretty flower on the ground and attached it to Sam’s hat)

Views of the harbor 

More views!

Got bored and took some artsy pictures 

Finally made it to Spit Bridge at the end! (It wasn’t a very pretty ending tbh)

We walked across the bridge to catch a bus to take us home

While it was an exciting day, I have to say dinner was the most exciting part! Andrew and Lilly got some kangaroo meat from the store so we cooked it up for dinner. Honestly if I was in the U.S. I probably would’ve just assumed it was a marinated steak. But knowing it was kangaroo, you could tell a slight difference in taste. Very delicious dinner though!

Perfectly cooked to my liking 😁

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kelly O'Neil says:

    Love all these selfies! Great scenery! Keith at Downes wants to know if you can jump higher now after eating kangaroo 😉


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