Blue Mountains?

We actually had a pretty concrete plan to start our day. We had to get to the central train station by 7:20am so we left the house around 6:50am. 

It took us about 2hrs to get to the Blue Mountains! No they aren’t actually blue. I guess they’re called the Blue Mountains because the mist above them gives off a blue tint. Since they are a rain forest there’s always a bit of mist.

The “main” attraction is the Three Sisters. You can see them in the picture below. I guess there used to be 7 but they’ve slowly disappeared over time. 

We decided to hike down the Giant Staircase, which goes down the Three Sisters to the valley and then walk to the Furber Steps back up. The Giant Staircase had about 900 steps. I was very glad we were walking down and not up! 

The entrance to the Giant Staircase 

Selfie with one of the Three Sisters 

Along the route we saw some good views and a few waterfalls. Most of the valley was just trees, but the hikes up and down had a lot of great views!

Once we got back to the top, we did the rim hike back to where we had started. We got some ice cream before we headed back to Sydney.

For dinner, we decided to go to a place called the Australian Hotel (for some reason pubs are called hotels here) and got their half kangaroo/half emu pizza. Both sides were pretty delicious! The meats had the texture of pulled pork is the best way I can describe it.

After dinner, we decided to get a drink and go hang out in the botanical gardens (right next to the Opera House). We stayed there till around sunset and took this great picture lol

On our way back to the train we decided to check out the box office at the Opera House. The desk attendant was super helpful and we ended up booking a show for tomorrow night! I’ll give you the details tomorrow 😁 but hopefully it’ll be good.

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