Australian Animals

We decided to head to the Featherdale Wildlife park in the morning! I know we went to a wildlife park on the Great Ocean Road, but we (I) really wanted to see koalas and a few other Australian animals and this wildlife park was much more diverse than the last! 

First things first, koalas are so great. They just hang in a tree and eat and sleep and chill. They are absolutely adorable to me no matter how silly looking they get.

You better believe I paid the extra cost so I could pet a koala! Look how amazing he is just chilling in his tree, living his best life.

I’ll just go down the list of animals I thought were cute

If you didn’t know, Australia has their very own penguins! They are much smaller than snow penguins and have a blue back rather than a black back.

The wombat! Ugh sooooo cute. They remind me of corgis cause they have tiny legs, a round body, and no tail! I believe they’re actually nocturnal, so a bunch of them were sleeping in mini caves. They seem to like sleeping on their backs, which is hilarious to watch

The Enchinda aka the Australian porcupine. He wadled around which was obviously adorable

The Australian Croc. He ate some food which was cool. Obviously he wasn’t actually cute lol

Obvi the kangaroo. Special shout out to the little baby kangaroos still chilling in the pouches

The Dingo! Basically just a super cute looking doggo, but is also super ripped.

The Tasmanian Devil! He’s really ugly, but cool to see an iconic Australian animal 

And yeah there were a bunch of cool animals to see. It was a fun way to spend the first half of the day!

Since it’s our last night in Sydney we went to a nice dinner with Andrew and his girlfriend Lilly. They have early bird dinner specials at nice resturaunts throughout the city. We went to a steakhouse in Darling Harbor and had 2 courses for $32! Not bad.

Dinner went a little long and the traffic was bad so we ended up about 5minutes late to the Opera House. Apparently they have specific late people seating. Since we had bought standing room only tickets it was kind of nice to actually have seats! They were balcony seats on the side so it was hard to see half the stage, but oh well.

Anyways, we saw The Nose. LOL.  It was a comedic opera, which was kinda interesting. It’s originally a Russian opera but it was translated into English. Thankfully, the theater still had subtitles above the stage because it’s really hard to understand what opera singers are saying! 

The opera was basically this story of this guy and his nose runs away from his face and he goes around trying to find it. Some parts were funny. Some parts were super weird. It was interesting to see though!

Got to see the inside of the Opera House too!

Some weird thing they had outside the theater 

And Sydney is a wrap! (Well almost) my flight to New Zealand isn’t until 4pm tomorrow so I’m going to go back into the city and watch the dragonboat races they’re having to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Then I get to see the most amazing Kiwi ever and I’m so excited!!! Sam heads back to the U.S. in the morning, which is probably good cause I think we’re both starting to annoy each other.

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