Hamilton & Raglan

Alexis arrived in the morning so I went with Maree to pick her up from the airport. From the airport we headed over to Omana beach. It was a super nice day out so we strolled around the beach for a little while. 

From the beach, we headed back to Maree’s apartment. We picked up my bags then drove down to Hamilton, where we are staying for a few nights at Maree’s uncle’s house while they are out of town.

We stopped at the grocery store before leaving for Hamilton- the cashier told Alexis and I that she liked our accents LOL

We were able to talk to her Uncle for a little bit before he had to go to the airport. We also stopped by Maree’s nana’s house and hung out with her for about an hour.

After meeting her family, we went back to the house and chilled and waited for Maree’s mom to drive down to Raglan for sunset.

Raglan is basically just a surf town on the west coast. Maree says it’s her favorite place in NZ. The sunset was super pretty.

We stopped at a supermarket on the way home because I really wanted normal food for dinner (I’ve eaten too many burgers in the 2 weeks I was in Australia lol). I even got some corn on the cob, which was delicious!

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