KIWI’S ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Maree’s awesome mom… sorry Maree’s awesome mum did my laundry for me! What a sweet lady 😊

Maree’s roommate, Deb, came up to Hamilton last night and the four of us headed out around 9am to Rotorua, which is basically the Yellowstone of New Zealand.

Just like Yellowstone, Rotorua smells like eggs… YUM! But also like Yellowstone, it’s beautiful! So many colors from the Sulfur and all the different elements.

So many colors! 

After the Sulfur pools, we headed over to the wildlife park to see kiwi’s!!!!! They are nocturnal, but the park has some of them on an opposite schedule so we were able to see two walking around and eating. They are absolutely adorable. We couldn’t take pictures of the actual kiwi’s, but they had a few taxidermy ones for those who don’t know what a kiwi looks like.

The wildlife park had other animals too, but none as cute as the kiwi’s. 

From the wildlife park, we crossed the street to this Gondola/luge. Basically we took a gondola up to the top of the mountain and they had a luge slide you could go down. We bought 3 luge rides. It was a little scooter you sit on and you pull back to brake.

They had 3 courses- scenic, intermediate, and advanced. We did one of each, moving up in difficulty as we went. When you got to the bottom there was a chairlift you took back to the start. Deb was definitely the fastest, but it was super fun!

I took a picture after we were done and everyone had already taken off their helmets except me lol

For some reason they call Rotorua Rotovegas…. literally I have no idea why. But I took a picture of the sign lol. The view was pretty at least!

We got some BurgerFuel for dinner, which is one of Maree’s favorite burger places.  They actually opened one location in the U.S…. in Broad Ripple! So random! But next time I’m in Indy I know what to eat (who knows when that will happen though…)

We ended up having an awesome girls night. We watched the women tell all for the U.S. bachelor. First episode I’ve watched since on my trip!

After the episode Maree decided we needed to watch New Zealand’s bachelor season 2. It was hilarious. Basically if the Bachelor had a much lower budget and Chris Harrison was Asian and all the girls are actually normal looking.

While watching we put on sheet masks, which ended up being about the funniest thing I’ve done in a long time. We looked like crazy people. Deb put her glasses on over it 😂

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