The Village of Hobbits 

HOBBITON TODAY!!! If you don’t know what Hobbiton is then I don’t know why you’re even reading this, but it’s where they filmed parts of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. They ending up leaving the hobbit village (all of the house’s are certified buildings apparently) and turned it into a tourist destination. 

Peter Jackson (the director) flew an airplane over the countryside of New Zealand and decided this location was what he wanted. He worked with the farmers who own the land and created Hobbiton!

Anyways, Maree’s mom met us around 7am to come to Hobbiton with us. Nicest lady ever gave Alexis and I Easter presents! Easter is more than a month away still! 

It took about an hour to get to Hobbiton from Hamilton (it’s really in the middle of nowhere). We ended up picking the best tour time because there were only 9 people in our group! There can be up to 40!

We got in a bus that took us down the road to Hobbiton (it was like a 5minute drive). Along the way we got some information about the farm and how Hobbiton came to be. We watched a clip from Peter Jackson and the man who owns the farm.

Our tour guide, Grace, was awesome! She was super knowledgeable about the movies and the books and was able to tell us a ton of information! She even pointed out different areas and described the specific scenes from the movie. Hobbiton was beautiful whether you watched the movies or not though.

There are 44 hobbit homes! All are technically completely functional (although very small). There are also different size doors- big doors were used for the hobbits to make them look smaller and small doors used to make the non-hobbits look bigger!

Bilbo Baggins house

At the end we went to the Green Dragon and got a free drink


It was a fun morning exploring the grounds. Alexis even ended up buying the Lord of the Rings ring at the gift shop.

We headed back to Maree’s apartment in Auckland. We stopped in Pokeno on our way back to pick up some famous bacon and get some ice cream. Apparently that’s where all kiwis stop on their way back from the beach, so we’re officially kiwis now.

Maree had a concert to go to for the night so Alexis and I made plans to go to the movies while Maree was at the concert. We obviously went and saw Fifty Shades Freed lol. It wasn’t too bad. The ending was a bit cheesey, but that was expected. 

Overall, awesome day with another chill night with some of my favs!

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