One Tree Hill

We had no concrete plans for today so we chilled for awhile in the morning and watched a few more episodes of the Bachelor New Zealand (it’s much worse than the U.S. but still addictive).

Maree realized she had some work to do so she decided to drop us off at One Tree Hill, which is volcanic cone in Auckland that’s tall enough to see all the views of the city and the bay. Alexis and I climbed up to the top (it really wasn’t THAT high). There were a bunch of sheep along the way just chilling so we had to dodge a bunch of poop.

One Tree Hill- I guess every time they put a tree up there it gets chopped down by someone protesting something lol so there isn’t actually a tree at the top.


The park where One Tree Hill is has a bunch of beautiful trees throughout

We spent about 2hrs at the park/hill. It was a bit chilly/rainy so we didn’t want to just sit outside.

Back at Maree’s we watched some more Bachelor New Zealand lol. It’s been nice to have these chill days after having been traveling for so long. 

There was a rainy weather forecast for the night, so we decided to go to the movies (Maree, her roommate Deb, and Alexis). We saw Game Night and it was actually hilarious! It takes a lot for me to laugh out loud but I did multiple times. Highly recommend going to see it.

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