The Island of Wine

We started out the morning a bit earlier than normal, but considering we’ve had a few late starts it really wasn’t all that early. Maree droped us off at the ferry on her way to work. We decided to go check out Waiheke Island- about a 30 minute ferry from Auckland.

Waiheke is mostly known for its wine, specifically Syrah. Apparently the climate there grows those grapes the best. Alexis and I ended up buying tickets for a hop on/hop off bus to take us around the island.

The first stop we got off at ended up being kind of lame. We wanted to stop at the wine information center to get more info, but it turned out to really just be a grocery store that just sold wine, so we left there quickly.

There was a path to the beach right by the bus stop so we walked down for a little while we waited for our next bus.

At our next stop there were a bunch of wineries within walking distance of each other so we spent most of our day in that area. We ended up going to 5 different wineries. All were pretty different, but we enjoyed them! We ended up meeting a girl from Sydney that was by herself and she joined us for a little while too.

Overall all the wineries were really pretty and we had a good time. Around 5 we started our way back to the ferry (we didn’t want Maree to have to stay at work tooo long). We ended up getting back around 6:30.

Our plan for the night was to go over to one of Maree’s friends house to play cards against humanity. But really to meet his dog. Totally worth it because his dog was soooooooo cute and super soft.

It was a fun night and I even won the game! 

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