Jumping into the Kawarau River

Well we were supposed to jump off a plane today, but instead we fell off a bridge into a river.

I had a bit of trouble sleeping because I was nervous for skydiving. I woke up a little early so I decided to FaceTime my parents in case I died lol. 

At 8am we called the skydiving place and they said the weather was too bad at the moment so they pushed our start time to 11am. Since we had some extra time, we got ready a bit more slowly and headed into Queenstown for breakfast.

When the time finally came, we went to the skydiving place and they said the weather was still too bad. We decided to transfer to the other skydiving place- they are sister companies just skydive in different locations. So we switched to skydive in Queenstown itself since the weather was better there. 

At noon we got all set up for skydiving- they weighed us, we read the instructions, watched a video, freaked the hell out thinking about how you’re going to jump out of a plane soon and might die. You know, the usual. 

They had a bunch of motivational quotes in the office lol

Anyways, we got all ready to go and were waiting for the bus when they told us they had to cancel and we could reschedule for 2pm. So we did that. (This day ended up being a lot of waiting around and staring at the pretty mountains).

They told us we could drive ourselves since the jump location was on the way to Te Anau (where we’re sleeping tonight). We drove there around 2pm, they told us they were a little delayed due to the weather delays so it could take an hour. Then about 10minutes later told us there was a 30minute pause in jumping for weather so that’s when we decided we would just try to reschedule to Tuesday (We have to drive through Queenstown on the way to Wanaka on Tuesday).

My mom had told me about this famous bridge one of our family friends had bungy jumped off of in Queenstown so Alexis and I decided to do that instead!! It was about a 20minute drive to the bridge. We were able to go tandem, which was good because Alexis was super nervous (I don’t know why bungy jumping would ever be more scary than skydiving but Alexis thought so!) 

Once at the bridge we got suited with some harnesses and waited in line for about 10minutes before it was our turn. They wrap a towel around your ankles, then wrap a bunch of other ropes around it until you can’t move your feet apart from each other. The guys putting all our gear on were super funny and helped ease the nervousness! We were asked if we wanted to dip in the water when we jumped and we were both like “uhhhhhhhhh…..” so the guy just decided we should do it.

After we got totally geared up, we did some tiny jumps to get to the end of the platform, where we stood for about a minute getting some pictures and getting ready. I honestly don’t even remember if the guy counted down but suddenly we were falling! It happens so quickly you barely register what happens! Our heads and shoulders ended up going in the water on the way down. It was a ton of fun. I was laughing the whole time. After the jump you hang upside down for about a minute before people in a boat come and get you. It was super painful on my ankles, which were wrapped in all those ropes!

Overall though it was really fun and I would do it again if I’m ever around another famous bungy jump. We did get a video and pictures but they’re on a flash drive and I don’t have a computer at the moment so can’t upload any yet.

Another person doing the jump


Us after our jump! 

After the bungy jump, we headed to Te Anau for the night. It was about a 2hr drive to get there. Once there we got some dinner and went to bed (so tired!)

Early morning tomorrow to head up to Milford Sound!

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