Milford Sound…. I Mean Fiord…. Wait… Fjord?

Had to wake up pretty early this morning to drive down to Milford Sound- about 2hrs from Te Anau. 

Milford Sound is actually a fjord, incorrectly named a Sound back in the day. A Sound is carved by a river, whereas a Fjord is made from melting glaciers. They decided to call the area Fiordlands to “correct” the name…. but it’s supposed to be spelled with a J so it’s still wrong!

The drive to Milford was very pretty, but still very cloudy morning so some of the mountains were entirely covered in clouds.

We got to Milford around 9am and got the tickets for our cruise. It was about a 2hr cruise with absolutely beautiful views!

We even got to see a bunch of seals! I didn’t get any good pictures though.

At the end of the cruise we were dropped off to go kayaking. SO BEAUTIFUL UGH

The photo below shows the glacier that melts to make this river. We could drink the water and everything!

Mitre Peak- the tallest cliff face that goes into the ocean

We also had a super cute guide who told really good stories about the Maori legends.

After the kayaking, we got to go down into the Discover Center & Underwater Observatory. Milford Sound’s water is so dark and so cold it has deep sea creatures that live just 10meters from the surface. So they built this tank 10meters down in the water so we could observe. It’s known for it’s Black Coral… which is actually white lol but it was very pretty.

After the observatory, we jumped back on the boat to get to the pier.

Beautiful waterfall!

Our drive back to Te Anau consisted of many stops to check out all the views we drove by on the way there.

The Chasm

Falls creek/waterfall

Lake Marian Swing Bridge

Hollyford Valley Viewpoint 

The Divide!

Mirror Lakes

Eglinton Valley

Te Anau Downs

We had some pizza and gelato for dessert, then went and “watched” the sunset (we couldn’t actually see the sun set because it was behind a mountain, but we got to watch the sky change colors which was nice)

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