That Wanaka Tree

Got up around 7am to drive back towards Queenstown to see if our rescheduled skydive was still on. It was raining the whole drive so we didn’t have much faith…. We were right. It got cancelled so we kept on trucking to Wanaka.

We arrived in Wanaka around 11:30am and went to get some lunch. Our plan was to go on a hike, but when we left the lunch place it was raining and by the time we got to our car is was starting to pour! So we looked up the local movie theater and decided to go see The Darkest Hour. It was a cute little movie theater and you could order drinks and food. The lady at the desk thing was super friendly and knew basically everyone else who came in by name!

The front desk

By the time we got out of the theater it wasn’t raining anymore so we decided to go check out That Wanaka Tree. I guess it’s like the most photographed tree or something. It’s just a tree in the water by itself… but like I guess it was cool?

After Alexis took all the pictures her heart desired, we drove over to the hike we were planning on doing earlier- Mount Iron. It took about 30minutes to hike to the top and gave us great views of all of Wanaka!

We just went to an Irish pub down the road for dinner and plan on having a pretty chill night.

Random Jamie sidenote complaint: I got bit by a few sand flies while kayaking yesterday and one bit me on the knuckles and now my whole hand is swollen 😑 Definitely didn’t need the reminder of why I hate sand flies 

But here’s to hoping we get some good weather tomorrow! 

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