Canyoning the Niger Stream

Our main event for the day was to go canyoning in Wanaka down the Niger Stream! We walked over to the canyoning place around 9am and met our guide for the day- Jeremy. There were only 2 other people in our group, which was nice cause then there wasn’t a lot of waiting around!

The canyoning trip was about 3hrs down the canyon. We started off hiking to the top then began our trip down the canyon! During the trip we were able to do about 5 abseils, a couple jumps, a few slides, and climbed around on the rocks.

Alexis filmed most of the trip on her gopro so she’ll post pictures eventually!

At the end of the trip we had lunch- sandwiches and cookies! We also got to see Rob Roy and Avalanche glacier after the clouds parted!

Once we got back to Wanaka, we headed on our way to Mount Cook Village (about 2.5hr drive). We had beautiful views the entire time! Mountains on mountains on mountains. 

Mount Cook Village basically has 3 accommodation places and two places to eat. It’s VERY small. It’s also on the international dark sky reserve so all the lights in the little town have to be turned down to make stargazing possible. 

Giant glacier next to the town (this is the view standing outside our hostel)

We attempted to do some stargazing before bed, but the clouds were coming in and we have an early morning tomorrow. So hopefully we’ll have less clouds tomorrow!

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