Traveling to Christchurch 

We had no concrete plans for the day except to eventually make our way to Christchurch (about 4.5hrs from Mount Cook). Originally, we were thinking about doing a hike in the morning at Mount Cook, but the weather ended up being pretty crappy so we had a slow morning and went on our way around 10am. 

About 1.5hrs into the drive we stopped at Lake Tekapo hot springs.  Since it was a bit of a chilly day, the hot springs were super relaxing! We spent about an hour in the water and got some lunch before finishing the drive to Christchurch.

Hot spring pools

Lake Tekapo

Most of the rest of the drive consisted of rain, but the scenery was relatively flatland so we didn’t miss much.

We arrived in Christchurch around 4:30pm and settled into our hostel. We were both pretty tired so we decided to get some dinner and just relax the rest of the night. We head back to Auckland tomorrow to go hang out with Maree again! 

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