Exploring Auckland

Maree had to go into work in the morning so I decided to walk around Auckland. I basically did a loop to Waynard Quarter and back to Aotea Square. It wasn’t a super long walk, but I stopped in stores along the way and chilled by the waterfront for a little bit. Auckland has a pretty long waterfront walkway, which was super nice and had tons of restaurants.

Here are the views I had along the walk

It was nice to be able to walk through the city. There is kind of a lot of construction going on, especially in Waynard Quarter, so you can tell it will be reallyyyyy nice once it’s all complete.

For the evening, I joined Maree and her friends at pub quiz! There weren’t too many kiwi specific questions so I was able to answer some questions! We didn’t end up winning, but it was fun.

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