Jumping out of New Zealand

Last day in New Zealand ☹

Maree had another seminar at work to go to in the city center so I decided to book myself on the Sky Tower skyjump. The Sky Tower is the tallest building in Auckland… It’s basically just like the space needle. 

We got to Auckland a bit earlier than when I had scheduled my jump, so I walked around the city a bit more. And relaxed by the pier enjoying the sun!

I got to the Sky Tower at noon for my jump. There were three other girls from Houston also jumping at the same time as me (by same time I mean same time slot- we all had to jump separately). The jump is basically a bungy jump, except your not tied by the feet (much less painful) and it’s a controlled fall since you’re literally in the middle of the city and they can’t have you swinging around and landing wherever.

The three girls I was with told me I could go first so I went into a separate area and got strapped in.

A picture before the jump

After the harnesses were double checked and they made sure my shoes weren’t going to fall off (since there are just people walking around down there), I walked out to the platform. This is where I have to say it was A LOT more scary than the bungy Alexis and I did. We were like 650feet up and they show you the target allllll the way at the bottom you’ll land on. Before I jumped, I had to lean over the edge and hold myself there for like 10seconds, which totally freaked me out!

The jump itself though was actually super chill. After about 3 seconds you really realize how controlled the fall is so you’re not actually falling super quickly. At that point I was able to relax and look around at the beautiful sights!

At the bottom!

I was still shaking quite a bit after I landed, but I stayed to watch the next girl go and she was freaking out so much! Her whole face was wet from tears when she landed! But she seemed glad to have done it.

Once the jump was done I walked back over to Maree’s work and she finished right around the same time. The rest of the day was spent chilling and hanging out.

Even though I knew it would come, it was time to leave. Maree is one of my favorite humans in the world and I wish she didn’t live on the other side of the world. Thanks dear for letting me sleep on your airmattress/couch/floor. Thanks for being your amazing Kiwi self. Thanks for not dying from a stomach bug. Basically I love you and I hope this is a suitable thank you 😜

Plz don’t grow. I reckon you’re perfect just the way your are. I’m keen to see you again. Love you heaps.

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  1. Ree says:

    Miss you already!!!!!!

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