Wow. I had the best long airplane experience ever overnight! When I got on the plane and they closed the doors 70% of the plane was empty!!!! So after we tookoff I was able to move to the middle row and have FOUR seats to myself!!! Since my plane left at midnight I went to sleep right away and slept for about 5hrs. More than I could’ve ever dreamed. 

Anyways, after my awesome plane ride, I got into Honolulu a bit early…. but it didn’t matter because I had to wait for Clare to arrive 4hrs later (our Costco travel deal included transfer from the airport). Thankfully, I was able to get the NCAA stream on my iPad and watch Butler win!

When Clare finally arrived we got some lei’s and hopped on our bus to our hotel.

Our hotel is actually pretty nice. It has a pool and is only a short walk to the beach. 

Clare was pretty hungry so we walked over to some food trucks nearby and on our way back we stopped in a souvenir shop and bought matching coverups! They’re very Hawaiian lol

Our hotel had a happy hour at 5pm, which served some cheese, pretzels, grapes, and wine. The grapes were soooo good. I haven’t had a variety of fruit for awhile!

We hung out for awhile just chilling before deciding to walk over to the beach to check it out. It was dark, but there were still a lot people at the beach. We just missed a fireworks show down the beach too. It was very pretty though!

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